Bioenergy is one of the holistic healing methods which has been very successfully used in Asia for centuries and in Europe for over 35 years with proven results. The treatment balances the biofield (also called aura) and magnetic fields of the cells and organs, and enables the body to lessen or entirely eliminate health problems. It boosts the immune system and subsequently the body is able to start with the healing process.

Bioenergy is also been referred to as Chi, Qi, Prana, Bioplasma, the Source, the Field, the Divine and numerous other names. Regardless of the name all represent the same phenomena. Regardless of the nature of your illness, bionenergy healing can help improve your wellness and productivity. Our method is non invasive and has no negative side effects, as all it uses is LIFE itself.  

We do not need to touch anyone since we work with a person's biofield, not their physical body. Conforming to the principles of quantum physics, Bioenergy healing is effectively practiced an inch or 10 thousand miles away from the client. Since we work with the biofiled, the treatment is equally effective in person as it is on distance (remote healing).

Bioenergy healing always tries to solve the primary problem or the cause which would otherwise make it impossible for the person to recover. The body is an energetic system which is in constant energetic interaction with its environment. We all are sensitive to forces and energies that are surrounding and they are changing us. Our entire physical and mental bodies constantly supply themselves with this life energy, which makes our existence possible in the first place. A living being consists of energy and substance and in between there is blood, which is substance and energy at the same time. Because of the oxygen’s paramagnetic attributes, blood functions as a transmitter of earthly and cosmic energy in the body. Inside this powerful magnetic field, the oxygen gets its characteristics. As a transmitter of higher level energies and parameters of the earthly magnetic field, the oxygen inside the cells actively works at transforming energy.

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